American Murder Song
A performance of original murder ballads by Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, the star of Repo! The Genetic Opera, and songwriters of The Devil's Carnival. Hitch yer wagons, don yer blackest veils, and explore a rogues gallery of cutthroats, murderesses and killer songs.

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
ARTC has been producing and performing audio drama since 1984!

Atlanta Swing Orchestra
Atlanta Swring Orchestra is a 17-piece Big Band of volunteer musicians who enjoy playing music from The Great American Songbook, and love to play for dances and concerts.

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Bella Morte
Bella Morte is an energetic, melodic, evocative act that explores themes of love, loss, tragedy, hope, and horror through music. Haunting synths float atop blazing guitar riffs and pounding percussion, as dark, crooner-esque vocals carry anthemic lyrics to eager crowds.

The Blibbering Humdingers
The Blibbering Humdingers embody original comedic rock and pop music celebrating various fandoms such as Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Firefly, Steampunk, comics, D&D, etc.

Brobdingnagian Bards
The Brobdingnagian Bards are back for a Dragon Con reunion with a new CD of Celtic absurdity. They take traditional Irish and Scottish folk songs, mix it up with Lord of the Rings music to create a unique brand of Celtic Filk.

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Gilbert Carrizales
Gilbert Carrizales performs electronic music productions and remixes live with keyboards and laptops.

Crossed Swords
Broadswords, rapiers and even batlefs clash in this dazzling display of Hollywood-style combat. Harsch and Sakuta reveal secrets and demonstrate many behind-the scenes moves that make up your favorite movie, TV and theater sword fighting stunts.

One of the most notable Dark-wave bands internationally, The Crüxshadows' motto is "live, love, be, believe," and it serves as a reminder that while The Crüxshadows may write catchy songs, the band has depth that extends beyond the dance floor.

Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands
This is what it would sound like if Kate Bush were to genetically fuse with Danny Elfman and Dresden Dolls in some strange biological experiment.

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DJ Eko Bass
Hailing from Albany NY, this geek inspired DJ is ready to rock Dragon Con!

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Nick Edelstein
The captain of Trek Rock is back! Set faces to stun with the electric guitar wizardry and lyric wit of Nick Edelstein. Described by Performer Magazine as "dazzling, mesmerizing ... breathtaking guitar work," Nick has been igniting starbases across the galaxy for two decades.

Ego Likeness
Ego Likeness is a female fronted dark electronic rock. Like being hit by a truck being driven by a beautiful blond...

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Frenchy and the Punk
Internationally touring New York duo, French born lead singer, punk veteran guitarist, high energy show, folk punk cabaret, French & English vocals, raucous live guitar looping. Rio meets Tokyo drumming instrumentals. Danceable & eclectic cabaret style spectacle. Named Top 25 duos by Yahoo Music!

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GLANK performs exciting, rhythmic music on unique "found-object" percussion instruments while incorporating the audience INTO the performance. GLANK features multi-media elements, anonymous performers, welded and tuned "metallophones" and hundreds of audience-participation instruments. It's a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly, science-like musical "experiment" with fun cover tunes and energetic grooves.

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Hawthorn and Holly
Hawthorn & Holly are a pop punk band that plays songs about Harry Potter and other fandoms. Started in 2007 from Charlotte, North Carolina, Leah Schroeder and Christie Mowery weave gorgeous harmonies with Eddie Mowery on guitars, while Dave Beaucar slaps the bass.

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Mr. Kennedy
Spinning the best electro, house and trance.

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Lips Down on Dixie
Lips Down On Dixie is an Atlanta based Rocky Horror Picture Show cast which performs weekly Friday midnight shows at The Plaza Theater. Known nationally for their screen accuracy, the cast has made appearances at venues around the Southeast region including Masquerade, Club Future, Chamber, Tongue & Groove, and others.

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Marquis Of Vaudeville
The group is known the world over for their progressive, carnival-esque punk cabaret stylings, fusing timeworn elements of the old world with newfangled innovation, and due to the music's mysterious, yet playful nature, they have befittingly dubbed the style "melodic mischief".

Mikey Mason
Radio-ready, catchy geek rock comedy as seen on NBC and heard on Dr. Demento and!

mc chris
M.C. Chris is a rapper from Libertyville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He was one of the first rappers to focus solely on nerd life, rapping about Star Wars, Harry Potter, ninjas, and unrequited love, instead of the usual hip hop fare. He’s just as likely to make an appearance at Comicon as he is at SXSW.

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New York Disco Villains
New York Disco Villains is an energetic, multi-media live performance act with music that has been compared to the B-52s, They Might Be Giants, and Frank Zappa. Their songs have been featured in several independent film projects as well as Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

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Palmetto Knights
The Palmetto Knights is a historic steel combat team that brings all of their sword clashing and live fighting to center stage. These European weapon and armor experts will expand your mind with their wide array of panels and then blow your mind with intense combat tournaments.

What happens when two best friends who grew up listening to Weird Al and Pantera decide to start a band combining crunching riffs and laugh-out-loud lyrics? Psychostick happens, happened, and continues to happen.

The Pyrate Queen
The Pyrate Queen is not your mom's favorite ukulele player. She prefers rowdy strumming, nerdy lyrics, and unexpected covers. Expect songs about Star Trek, Die Hard, Philip K. Dick, jackalopes, and submarines.

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Triforce Quartet
The Triforce Quartet is a traditional string quartet that plays video game music. TQ has played in front of sold out shows at PAX Prime in Seattle, PAX East in Boston; MAGFest in Washington DC, the iDIG Music Festival in Ireland; and many places with Video Games Live!

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Tom Smith
One man, one guitar. Mostly comedy, mostly folk-rock, except for all the other stuff. Tom Smith is uplifting, inclusive, topical, pretty much guaranteed to be goofy. Audience participation welcome.

DJ Spider
A veteran DJ and cosplayer, DJ Spider has an ear for music and a heart made for nerdom.

Steam Powered Giraffe
From their heartwarming nostalgic melodies to their funky cabaret rock, Steam Powered Giraffe’s songs are memorable, infectious, and as unique as the robots themselves.

Stoneburner is a tribal electronic dance project by Steven of Ego Likeness.

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That Darling DJ Duo
That Darling DJ Duo are a little different, delightfully anachronistic and odd. They host the podcasts, The Clockwork Cabaret and Ladies Who Rant.

The Long Losts
The Long Losts are a goth rock duo from New York.

The Muckers
The Muckers embody Irish rock with a twinge of sea shanties and Gypsy music

The Murder of Jane Crow
The Murder of Jane Crow is a musical chimera, a sonic beast bred to display traits of goth, gypsy and classical forebears.

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
The Nathaniel Johnstone Band hails from Seattle, WA, lead by multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Johnstone (violin, banjo, and guitar). Their vibrant sound crosses boundaries and borders, resulting in a blend of rock, jazz, surf, and folk with a penchant for storytelling and myth-bending.

The Rain Within
The Rain Within builds a bridge between the new wave sound of the 80s and today's audience.

This Way to the Egress
This Way To The Egress is hints of klezmer, blues, circus, gypsy-punk, stage antics, and a contagious high energy theatrical display, comedy, and bawdy humor….the ultimate party band.

Toucan Dubh
Toucan Dubh is known for fun, high-energy shows with audience involvement. Performing at renn faires, music festivals, and pubs, entertaining with Irish and Scottish music, Americana, and original comedy tunes, with plenty of jokes and banter to keep everyone smiling.

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Valentine Wolfe
Valentine Wolfe is comprised of two classically trained musicians combining ambient solo bass, brutal distortion, electronica, and 18th century opera to tell a story of the macabre.

Aurelio Voltaire
Aurelio Voltaire is a media personality and respected authority on all things gothic, horror, sci-fi, steampunk, and involving "geek" culture. He is often referred to as a modern day renaissance man having achieved success in the fields of animation, music, comics, books, and toys.

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Wasted Wine
Wasted Wine is southern-fried, violin-shredding, gypsy prog madness. A five piece that combines eastern european folk-inspired dance songs with blistering rock n roll. Wrap all that up with wild theatrics and an energetic stage presence, and you have Wasted Wine.

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