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American Sci-Fi Classics

Director: Joe Crowe

The American Sci-Fi Classics Track journeys into the archives of awesomeness. Along with their pals at the Urban Fantasy track, Classic Track is hosting a 20th anniversary celebration of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At the Sci-Fi Sing-a-long, belt out your favorite soundtrack songs and TV themes (knowing all the words is optional). The Classic Sci-Fi Drive-In offers sci-fi silliness with the chance to yell at the screen as the Classics Track ventures into the abyss. Everyone gets a prize whether they like it or not at the Challenge of the Super Nerds (watch out for Hulk cologne). This year, we are bringing back the ever popular Roll-a-Panel: 1982! Too many amazing movies appeared in 1982 so you can roll 20 themed panels in a single hour-- it's a lightning round where the audience decides what movies to tribute. The Fifth Element! Men in Black! Blade Runner! E.T.! The Thing! Tributes to all these and more are in the works. Don’t forget your Multipass for Classic Track 2017!

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